Teachers meeting after the Portugal x Japan co-creation (pilot).

Hello, this is Ai from the Secretariat at TGU.

We recently conducted a pilot of “Project ∞ Infinity!” and afterwards, the teachers gathered to discuss their impressions of their respective schools and the future!

As you can see from the smiles on the teachers’ faces, it was a very exciting and constructive discussion.

Everyone agreed that it was clear that the students’ engagement had increased on both sides of the exchange meeting that we had conducted as a pilot, anyway. The Portuguese students also seemed to have increased their curiosity, searching for Japanese food after the exchange meeting. In Japan, they had planned to speak in Japanese because they were not confident in their English until the day before the event, but on the day of the event, they decided, “I want to present in English! I heard that there was even one student who boldly challenged to give a presentation in English.

I heard that one of the teachers asked the students how they could make their presentations more enjoyable. I was very impressed when one of the teachers said, “The students were thinking about the content of their presentations from the viewpoint of ‘How can I make my presentation enjoyable?

This is an important point of view no matter what kind of job you are going to get, and at the same time, it is a profound one.

In the future, I would like to challenge the students to communicate with each other in real time as much as possible across countries and time zones. That’s what I will challenge myself to do!